Special Thanks

The UW-Madison Badger COMET Project would like to extend their gratitude to the following for their contributions to the project

Additional campus resources are provided through Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), which provides 24-hour access to computer software used in aiding our design with 3D modeling, simulation software, and finite element analysis. Further resources are provided by the College of Engineering Student Shop for use in prototyping.

Contribute to the UW-Madison Badger COMET Project

UW-Madison Badger COMET is fortunate to have numerous contributions towards our project and goals in the X-Hab competition sponsored by NASA. These contributions range from monetary donations and materials to consulting time and expert advice. These contributions provide the necessary resources to allow a successful completion of the COMET project.

If you or your company have not yet contributed and would like to take part in a project that rewards students for their hard work and innovative design, please help by giving them the boost they need to produce the best possible project for the contest in the Spring.

Please make your tax deductible contribution payable to the "University of Wisconsin Foundation" and state that the contribution is in support of the Badger COMET project. Monetary contributions should be mailed to:
Professor James P. Blanchard, EP Chair
Engineering Mechanics Program Fund
Badger COMET
153 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1609

For non-monetary contributions (consultation or materials), please contact Dr. Frederick Elder at